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Pernille and I hosted this event to highlight Louis Vuittons partnership with UNICEF to help children in need. During the year an especially designed product, The Silver Lockit, is available in Louis Vuitton stores world wide and online. Every time a sliver locket is sold 200€ is donated directly to UNICEF.

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Further from the launch of the Sliver Lockit Louis Vuitton has made an online campaign called #MAKEAPROMISE, which is creating attention to the LVforUNICEF partnership globally. The campaign encourages as many people as possibe to join Louis Vuitton in the promise of helping children in need. People worldwide seals the promise with a ’pinky promise’, and invites people to join them. The pinky promise is the promise that two people do with their little fingers which means that a promise is sealed.



You can donate directly to UNICEF or by buying the silver locket either online HERE or in Louis Vuitton stores.
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